I'm just a food fan. A lover of all things delicious. A self-labeled gastronome. And, by others definition, a foodie. I started this blog to share some of that love with the world.

This is a blog a lot about restaurants, some about drinks and a bit about me. Food is my inadvertent passion, which through unavoidable eventuality led me to my other great recreational interest... fitness. It all started back in 2009 when I wrote my first Yelp review... then a year later I joined a gym. Now, 900+ reviews later, here we are (www.saraheatsomaha.yelp.com).

Basically, I'm a foodie with a writing problem. I'm also that person who takes pictures of my food.

And I'm lucky to live in a town that seems to be full of people who love good eats as much as I do.

This is a place for me to collect my thoughts, document some awesome food finds, write about home experiments and hopefully impart share some of what I'm liking. So... restaurant reviews, tasty tidbits, recipes, and whatever else as I eat my way across Omaha (and the world).

Maybe this is also a good time for a disclaimer. I have no training in the dual areas that fuel this blog... Food and Writing. But hopefully my passion for these things makes up for lack in formal education. Secondary disclaimer, I am not this Sarah or this Sarah.

This is my hobby. In my professional life, I'm a mechanical engineer with a passion for making buildings more energy-efficient (this is me). So now you know.

Thanks for joining me on my Never-Ending Quest for Deliciousness!

Me at my happiest. Wee!