March 18, 2017

Hey all. Life is busy. And while I'm one of those people that loves to stay busy, I never really realized how 'not busy' I actually was before having kids. Back when I had time to write long detailed blog posts here while reproducing content on Yelp, Pintrest, Instagram, and whatever else.

Now, I'm writing this quickly after waking up this morning to go to the gym at 5am between the time when the house is still quiet and when our 2-year old wakes up. I assume when we welcome another baby in August, even these brief respite moments will be momentarily shattered for a couple more years.

So while I'm still somewhat actively writing on Yelp, I'm not planning on duplicating my reviews here any more for the time being. Yes, when the mood strikes, I'll write here too. But I'm letting myself off the hook of feeling 'obligated' to do so. Because, after all... this is just a hobby. And I have plenty of others!