May 01, 2016

I don't know if you've heard... but Abelardo's is taking over the world.

Their NINE Omaha metro area locations include:

  • 3420 N 90th Street 
  • 3121 Q Street 
  • 1299 S. 180th Street 
  • 5044 S. 108th Street 
  • 8417 Park Street (Ralston) 
  • 3540 Center Street 
  • 11811 Fort Street 
  • 2203 E Avery Road (Bellevue) 
  • and coming soon... 4178 L Street

There are also SEVEN Iowa locations currently!

And I say good luck to them, since I have a deep-seeded love for their Chicken Burrito...

Ten more reasons to love this local chain:

  1. They're open 24/7.
  2. Drive-throughs are standard practice.
  3. The salsa is amazing. 
  4. The menu is gigantic. 
  5. Many locations serve horchata!
  6. The website,, includes their full menu.
  7. Low price point overall.
  8. The chicken burrito.
  9. The chicken burrito.
  10. The chicken burrito.
Did I mention that I love the Chicken Burrito?

It's really nothing fancy... just chicken cooked in red sauce and stuffed into a fresh burrito shell with rice, lettuce and cheese.

But I CANNOT STOP ordering it. 

This is strange for me, as I typically would want to explore a menu that includes something like the Diablo Burrito: w. french fries, chipotle sauce, sour cream, lettuce, shrimp & steak. 

Each time recently I've tried to branch out though, I've been mildly disappointed. So why mess with a good thing? 

As such, I can't really comment too much on the other menu items. The other reason I haven't really wrote a blog post about Abelardo's until now is because drive-through burritos really do not lend themselves to dramatic or delicious food photos. 

All that being said though, it's really worth checking out if you're into Mexican food at all. 

the infamous chicken burrito
chicken burrito interior
salsa parade!
repurposed taco bell on 90th street
restaurant logo bag