February 14, 2016

They may take our lives... But they'll never take our Freedom!!! (or Burgers).

I so love the concept at this out of the way East Lincoln eatery. And the food wasn't bad either.

The interior of Honest Abe's
Tucked away in a very unassuming strip mall, the secret is obviously out about Honest Abes' Burgers and Freedom. I arrived to a decently long line at the ordering counter, which ebbed and flowed but stayed constant, as the dining area stayed full throughout a weekday lunchtime.

Reading up on some history while in line.
Classics, Rotating and Specials... what to choose?!
Several customers lurked in the corner near the pile of Lincoln Logs (get it?) waiting for either tables, or "to go" orders. I can't be certain because once my food was delivered I couldn't be distracted from The Greatest Burger Ever.

Pile of Lincoln Logs. Cute.
"The Greatest Burger Ever" and "Freedom Fries"
While its impossible for me to quantify "ever" at this juncture of my life, it was certainly one of the most awesome burgers I've had recently. And more than worth driving back to Lincoln for. (Again, Lincoln... Abe... Love it.)

It consisted of a succulent, perfectly cooked 6 oz beef patty with bacon, grilled onions, American cheese, home sauce, catsup and romaine lettuce. Sided up to a pile of well seasoned Freedom Fries... it was more than perfect.

The menu reeks of opportunity. Classics, Rotating and Special burgers galore.  I look forward to many more future visits.

Sorry, all other Lincoln restaurants. It may be a while before I get to you.