October 13, 2014

In case you haven't heard, Alton Brown is coming to Omaha.

And in each city, he's looking for "coffee shops, restaurants, late-night snacks and sandwiches available in the area (in short - good eats)". Zing!

So I decided to myself that yes, it is a total cop-out to refer someone to my website. And I get enough requests for recommendations that this is the perfect excuse to compile a post on 'my perfect day' in Omaha. Or at least try.

Not to brag, but four years ago, I won a contest for describing my 'Ideal Omaha Day', so hopefully I can recapture some of that magic. Or just copy and tweak the restaurant portion of it... either way.

When planning a whole day of eating, it's best to start early. And what better place to do that than a bakery? My favorite for a while now has been Sweet Magnolia’s Bake Shop. Getting there early will also be to your benefit because you'll also have first pick of their made-from-scratch pastries. The selection is limited, and will be even more so after you're finished filling bags with spinach and feta scones, cinnamon rolls w pecans, fresh apple strudel muffins and of course their homemade dog treats.

To go with all that pastry, it's probably not a bad idea to have coffee. It's hard to decide which place to visit since there are many local spots I'd recommend, but Echo Coffee is a new and welcome addition with indoor and outdoor seating options and latte art worth bragging about.

For lunch, right now - and most of the time in general - I'm craving whatever's on special at Block 16 (plus, Jams is closing soon for a renovation). Their emphasis is on gourmet street food will make for a lunch to remember. But The French Bulldog is another possibility if you're in the mood for charcuterie.

Dinner, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite, The Grey Plume. In their words... "Seasonally-driven, contemporary cuisine from locally-grown produce and livestock in Omaha, Nebraska. The nation's most sustainable restaurant." How can you say no to that? And after, you can stock up on what will become your favorite butter across the street at Grey Plume Provisions.

Since it's unlikely there will be any additional room for snacks, you can always order eCreamery for home delivery and enjoy at a later date.

It's ultimately impossible to visit all the best places we have to offer in just one day, or one week, or maybe even a month. So in some ways I do like to list my favorites and let people make their own decisions from there, since we are all so different in terms of what we like and words like 'best' and 'favorite' are so subjective.

But there we have it. That's my recommendation for #ABRoadEatsOmaha as of today.

I do have something in the works that might speed up this process in the future recommendation-seekers... but how quickly that develops will definitely be another story. Stay tuned!