September 12, 2014

It took some gentle encouragement on part of the owner, but I [finally] revisited Voodoo Taco a little over a year after my initial review. Since that time I've also recently had food from the newly christened Voodoo Taco truck, which visited my place of employment midweek. I will say I was a bit wary to eat from the truck after some stories I've heard, but happy to report I did not suffer any ill effects (unless you count eating too much). 

Our return to the restaurant was spurred on with a meal on the house (full disclosure). Though as I assured the owner, I wouldn't let something like that affect my review. 

This time, the menu board TV was fully functional. But I wish I'd had my glasses as I found myself squinting. And we still had to get out the paper menu to figure out side-sauces. (That would be a good thing to get printed out and have on a poster-board or something for ordering). 

We ended up with many of the same varietals we sampled last time... Smoked Brisket, Barbacoa Beef, Alligator. And a couple of new ones. "Taco of the Month" was the Arabes (cotija cheese, Mediterranean pork,  4 chili sauce, cilantro lime tzatziki, lettuce, cotija cheese and pico de gallo) so strange sounding I had to try it - and a Fried Chicken. 

Starter was a basket of chips... some of which were HEAVILY seasoned (to the point of avoidance) and some delicious queso dip. The kind that you really can't stop eating, but there's so much of it you know you shouldn't dare finish it all. 

chips and queso
just look out for the overly-seasoned chips
Dessert, eaten later at home, was the 'Voodoo Brownie' from somewhere the manager couldn't recall. "Chocolate... something". The description sold me easily: Double-Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Chipotle, Bacon Brownie. This seems to be the theme at Voodoo, many crazy combinations of flavors, which are obviously not intended as generic crowd-pleasers. This one was right in my wheelhouse, and the best thing I've eaten from Voodoo. 

The tacos came out in two baskets, but honestly I had trouble identifying which was the Alligator and which was the Arabes even after a couple bites. This is probably because I didn't read the description for the Alligator, but both had decent flavor. I [think] I preferred the Alligator though since the Arabes had too many crazy contrasting flavors going on. 

taco of the month flier
Alligator (left) and Arabes (right)
Ironically last time we also had trouble figuring out which taco was which. I would say perhaps this is a personal flaw, but Bill can back me up on this... we could tell what the meat types were (generally) and after biting into them it was more obvious still. The Alligator I finally identified when I realized the Arabes didn't have corn in it. 

Also looks like I didn't read the descriptions - again - just like last time. You know what else I obviously didn't read before ordering? 

My previous review. 

Carnitas (bottom) and Barbacoa Beef
Smoked Brisket (Fried Chicken behind)
I sampled bites of all the tacos (note, it was obvious that shells were at least thrown on the grill at some point before serving) and they were all a-okay. Nothing I would fight anyone for, but decent and filling... or was that the cheese dip? 

The biggest difference this time was that the meal was definitely edible, which I have to say is a big step forward. My favorite were probably the Alligator and the Barbacoa Beef. The Carnitas was probably the least appealing, on account of the dryness of the meat. 

Would I drive out of my way to get here? Unlikely. But many people would... and do. Enough so that Voodoo has expanded to Nebraska Crossing, the aforementioned truck, and soon Aksarben Village (where it is entirely likely I will try for a fourth time. Or fourth-meal). Not a restaurant I'll probably factor into my regular rotations, but it will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, I'm sure.

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