August 02, 2014

I've had this place on my radar since the OWH article back in May, and just today found the time (on a Saturday) for a visit!

Driving all the way to Bellevue to hit up this truck felt a bit like a road trip, but I had a hankering for watermelon and some time to kill.

It also felt a little wrong going to Bellevue and not going to Stella's, but this was still well worth the trip in and of itself.

Since the truck is located in - what else - an O'Reilly Auto Parts parking lot, I stopped in the store to purchase a couple replacement bulbs for my car before lunchtime... Win, win!

Plenty of parking (lot).
I already had my eye on the Green Chile Smoked Cheddar pasta from yesterday, and it was still on the menu but did spend some time waffling between it and the other two items du jour (Carnitas Pulled Pork Burrito and Playa del Carmen Beach Brat), before I want for it, with the encouragement of the staff.

Today's menu-board
Plus, of course, the watermelon salad. Apparently there was a honey-mint version previously available that  sold out... but who cares, I had zeroed in on the Lime Chile Tamarind variety already. (Sensing a theme here?)

Note that if it's your first visit, the super friendly folks inside the truck will also offer you a free beverage (at least they did today!)

And though there were several tent-covered tables available for onsite seating, I opted to take my order to go. So I sipped my cold complementary cream soda in the shade of the truck canopy and waited...

It came up in pretty short order, and I was on my way (after taking pictures of course)!

Green Chile Smoked Cheddar Pasta w Grilled Chicken
Lime Chile Tamarind Watermelon Salad
Everything made the trip home nicely. The chicken stayed hot and the watermelon cool - though I did pop it in the refrigerator at home while I noshed on the pasta, which was a pretty perfect summertime dish. Hard to achieve with pasta.

I'm easy to please when it comes to watermelon, but this was something to write home about. Or maybe to make at home. Either way, I was happy. A bit of spice, plenty of sweetness a hint of citrus and that weird but wonderful tamarind flavor.

Now let's talk about value. This place has it.

The watermelon was only $2. So next time I'll probably get both flavors. Though honestly I'm such a fiend I'd probably get 5 orders if they had that many varieties.

And the $8 pasta was enough for two people. Cheesy macaroni topped with plentiful chicken and tons of summer veggies... green beans, mushrooms, squash, zucchini, peppers... It filled the entire to go container and weighed in at over 2 pounds (yes, I busted out the kitchen scale to check). I really enjoyed it as-is, though it was even better with the Cholula hot sauce I had at home.

Now I have both a full tummy and a half a container of pasta to eat later!

Nicely done, FTLoFT. I'm looking forward to my next visit - and maybe coming up with a new acronym. Based on the other delicious things they've been posting on their Facebook page, that next visit won't come soon enough, but I'm happy to have found another solid food truck option.

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