June 03, 2014

UPDATE: As of December 2014, Bulldog Burgers is permanently closed. Nobody seems to know exactly what happened, but I'm sure it all comes down to money - as so many things do. The space is now up for lease. Fingers crossed something else pops up soon.

My first review of Bulldog Burger left me wondering if I'd be jogging or walking back... definitely not running, but I knew I'd be back eventually.

Or 3 more times in 8 months. Whichever.

And actually, writing this review is making me want to go back again... Hmm. That bodes well for the future of Bulldog Burger, at least in my eyes. Because damn if they aren't getting better with time.

To showcase this phenomenon, the story is best told in pictures. From my first visit, in October of 2013 - shortly after they opened - to just this week.

Storefront. Not a ton of options in the area (any).
The Breakfast Burger Combo - with FF. Back in October.
The Breakfast Burger - circa 2013
Citrus burger with chips
Menu board. Luckily they also offer printed. Check out the whiteboard for daily specials or make your own!
PB&J Burger... literally, that's it. Mac & Cheese bites.
THE Bulldog Burger
The Bulldog Burger with Hand-cut Fries
I've now eaten BB in several forms. Dine in, carry-out, catered lunch and drive-through. 

In my previous review, I complained that my burger wasn't messy enough. But that has apparently been ratified to my satisfaction - and moreover, in the course of posting these pictures my star rating has actually increased another star. The food is good, they have a great social media presence, full menu online, and you can tell Chuck (the owner) truly cares about what is going on here. He's constantly trying to improve (case in point just this week they're considering increasing the burger size from 1/3 lb to 1/2 lb and are asking their Facebook fans to weigh in).

So yes, this absolutely is not  a place I thought I'd be fawning over when I first set food here back in October. But they've made some pretty enormous steps in the right direction so far. And for what Bulldog Burger is doing - they're doing it very, very well. What we're left with is a fast, casual eatery who has their finger on the pulse of what their customers want. 

And each time I've been back - the burgers have been better. No joke. 

For these reasons I'm happy to give Bulldog Burger a 5-star review. Check it out if you're in the area and be prepared for some wholesome meat love. They still have some ground to cover if Bulldog Burger is to live up to their motto ("The Best Burgers in Omaha") but it's good to have lofty goals! 

Now, they just need to get more promotional photos with the namesake bulldog, and we'll be set. 

Burgers I've sampled thus far:
  • Breakfast Burger: "Topped with a Fried Egg, Chorizo Sausage patty, a Zesty Chipotle Ancho sauce & Cheese". 
  • PB&J Burger: just what it sounds like. A bit underwhelming... could've done with more PB... or maybe it needed egg and bacon. The good thing is that you're free to customize your burger as you'd like here!
    The Citrus Burger: "Topped w/ a Caramelized Pineapple ring, Jerk Sauce, Lettuce, Bacon & Cheese." Decent flavors, but again - I should have added more stuff to mine. Apparently my palette just wants crazy burgers at places that enable you to have them. 
  • The Bulldog Burger: "All the fixings; Cheese, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Lettuce, Ketchup & Mustard." The best one yet! Super fresh everything! Plain and fabulous!
Sides I've sampled:
  • FF - the earliest iteration of a side item - fries and tots. I miss the tots.
  • chips - though I think they got rid of these too.
  • fries - which I hear are hand-cut daily.
  • onion rings and sweet potato fries - decent.
  • fried smoked gouda mac & cheese bites - which aren't made on site, but who cares they're great.
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