May 29, 2014

You may have heard that Taste of Omaha is coming up this weekend (May 30 - June 1). Lucky for us, in true Omaha fashion the weather is looking to be both hot and potentially rainy. That translates to one thing... high relative humidity!

And while I don't need a special weekend to celebrate all the great food this city has to offer (that's just how I live my life). It's a special occurrence and shouldn't go without recognition because it's a great opportunity for local restaurants and food trucks to get their name out there and be discovered by the masses. 

With nearly 50 options though, how to choose what's going to take up that valuable stomach real estate??

I took the time to sort through the early-90's style website to give a shout-out to some of my favorites and identify the places that just might draw me down into the fray this weekend after all. 

Here we go!

Right off the bat, you can skip the common fare... your fazoli's, pepsi, longhorn steakhouse, old chicago, highland dairy ice cream. etc... don't be tempted by the Valentino's pizza either. There are so many more more unique things to try in such a small radius, you have to be strong here.

These are the items I've had and love, but will probably skip to save space.
I guess you could call these my endorsements:
  • 029 - Katie's Greek Restaurant - beef-lamb gyro, chicken breast pita
  • 031 - Mangia Italian - pizza
  • 033 - Zin Room - smoked gouda mac and cheese
  • 071 -Scotty's GoGo Grill - aebleskiver, apple grilled cheese, bacon dog
  • 075 - Espana Tapas Bar - stuffed piquillo peppers, stuffed grape leaves
  • 080 - Marrakech Mediterranean - veggie samosa, hummus, falafel pita, chicken wrap
  • 081 - La Casa Pizza - pizza
  • 082 - Chicago Dawg House - chicago style dawg, chili dawg, italian beef
  • 084 - Big Mama's Kitchen - homemade ice cream
  • 088 -Lithuanian Bakery & Delicatessen - original napoleon torte, chocolate and raspberry torte, napoleon crumbcakes
And these are the items I'd like to try this weekend. (Let me know if I should skip any of these, make sure to have one for sure, or if I'm missing out on something else great):
  • 023 - Cafe 110 - sonoran dog & frozen chocolate bananas
  • 052 - Catfisn Corner - banana pudding, catfish nuggets
  • 035 - Holstein's Roasted Sweet Corn
  • 037 - GQ Barbecue & Southern Cuisine - rib / catfish basket, pulled pork (Food Truck)
  • 070 - Maria's Bonita Mexican Cuisine - tacos, tortas, & cactus salad (Food Truck)
  • 089 - Prairie Fire Pizza - pizza
  • 092 - Counterfeit Catering - reuben roll, smoked chicken salad
  • 094 - Lazeez Cuisine - rose lemonade
  • 944 - Nectar of the Vine - wine frappes
Remember, hours are: Friday 5 PM - 11 PM, Saturday 11 AM - 11 PM & Sunday 11 AM - 8 PM. If you want to avoid the crowds, earlier is probably better. 

And if you're looking for some structure, the OWH has a pretty decent summation of things to do. Their version of the festival map is a lot better also. Follow the link or click below.


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