May 09, 2014

Five years later and I finally get back to Dinker's to try again. That being said, everything in my previous review still seems to be pretty spot on - except this time I enjoyed my burger less.

Sorry, Dinker's. I want to like you...
I really want to like Dinker's. And some people love the place, (sorry to you for what I'm about to say) but in my opinion Dinker's isn't anywhere near the best burger in Omaha. It's not even in my top 10.

There are just many other burgers in town I'd rather eat.

The best thing going on our visit was surprisingly the rocky mountain oysters. Though I wouldn't go out of my way to eat those either. All the other items we sampled, including the homemade onion rings, were all just okay. Mac & cheese bites, fries, gizzards... all just okay. Not really memorable.

And the burger was truly sub-par.

The Claim to Fame Haystack Burger
This time I tried the signature Haystack burger and even ordered it up the special way. But either something was wrong with my taste buds or this thing was seriously lacking in seasoning. Yes, the ingredients were all there... American cheese, ham, egg, beef. Check, check, check. But a little bit of salt would've done wonders on this well-done burger.

As far as "Omaha's Best Burger" is concerned, that quote isn't attributable to me. But I'm apparently in the minority here, so you might as well try for yourself.

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