March 14, 2014

This was Erin "Awesome sauce" R.'s idea. And it was a good one - though a tough one. I'd encourage you to do the same. It was definitely an interesting exercise.

The plan is to keep a running tally of the 'best things I've eaten'. Like the Food Network show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", but ongoing and forever! Madness!

And as a self-imposed rule, it can't just be something generic... like "The Thai Chicken Pizza at Zio's." Because this is a list of specific items at specific times that have stuck with me for whatever reason. Not just favorite things in general.

It's probably not a coincidence either that most of these things aren't in Omaha. That way I can deify these experiences without much risk of ever being disappointed. Plus, food just tastes better under certain circumstances sometimes.

05/18/2007: Loco Moco @ Kalaekilohana Bed & Breakfast (Big Island, Hawaii). A local specialty... White rice, topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg, and brown gravy for breakfast. Unfortunately this was a time when I was less obsessive about taking food pictures, so a nice shot of the B&B will have to suffice. I can't wait to go back here for many reasons, but the food was among those.

12/21/2010: Soup @ The Grey Plume (Omaha, NE). Namely because this was the first time I'd ever seen soup served with a bed of ingredients in the bowl and the liquid poured over it table-side. The magic lives on each subsequent time I order soup here.

09/27/2011: Watermelon and Arugula Salad @ Crooked Spoon Cafe (Grand Marais, MN). I described this in my review as "probably the best salad I've ever had anywhere". Topped with braised pork belly, pickled red onions, crumbled blue cheese and extra virgin olive oil... how can you go wrong? (Even the portion I couldn't finish and refrigerated in our hotel overnight was amazing the next day.) Not to mention it was after spending 3 days of hellish camping in fire, rain, snow and hail.

06/16/2012: Hair of the Bean @ Farmhouse (Chicago, IL). Genius. Coffee, bourbon, maple, stout, and bacon. I could bathe in it. And then drink it.

Photo by Roy H.

07/25/2012: Turkey Chupacabra Sandwich @ The Station Cafe (San Antonio, TX). I'll dream of these sandwiches. Almost worth visiting San Antonio again, just go go here... sweet & spicy serrano sauce with smoked turkey on home made sandwich roll with melted cheddar, lettuce and tomato. I couldn't also help but marvel at the freshness of the vegetables (do they have a garden in back?) Lettuce and tomatoes to die for. So if the healthy bits were that good, how amazing do you think the meat, cheese, sauce and (oh yeah) the bread were?! Succulent, melt-in-your mouth, lick your fingers, consider ordering another even though you're full good. That's how good.

7/28/2012: Breakfast Grilled Cheese @ Mike & Patty's (Boston, MA). Simple cheddar and american on griddled white bread, with a soft egg. Buttery crunchy bread, oozy cheese, runny egg". I added bacon to mine - obviously. We ate here twice in our 3-day trip. 

5/04/2013: Coconut Grouper @ Heritage Kitchen (West Bay, Grand Cayman). Sitting outside the tiny restaurant near the sea eating fresh fish and hand bread with chickens running around. That's the stuff memories are made of.

9/20/2013: Chicken Fried Lobster Jack Binion's Steakhouse (Council Bluffs, IA). So ridiculous it's going to be either an epic fail or epic win. This time was a win. Twin 4 oz tails / spiked cocktail sauce / colossal steak fries. Wild.

3/01/2014: Chocolate Almond Truffle Cake @ Matt Edwards Fine Foods (Omaha, NE). This is the kind of cake you tell your friends about while you're eating it - and then talk about afterwards also. The kind of cake you put sparklers in and just stare at in wonder. The cake you keep your friends with nut allergies away from (unfortunately) while trying to staunch the yummy noises you're making while eating. 

11/24/2013: Daily Bread @ Kitchen Table (Omaha, NE). Maytag Blue Cheese, Roasted Local Cauliflower, & Dried Local Apples on Grilled Levain! I saw the post and made my way down there ASAP. It surpassed my expectations. The sum is greater than the parts.

10/21/2014: Yellowfin Tuna Cone @ SoBou (New Orleans, LA). With pineapple ceviche & basil avocado ice cream. It was so weird and amazing all at the same time, I probably could have eaten a dozen of those tiny cones.