March 15, 2014

Infusion is a welcome addition to the Benson beer corridor, with 10+ infusion brews available in the tasting room, brewery tours on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and the option to brew your own recipe. Infusion is a happening little spot.

FYI though, when things get going - and I've yet to be in Infusion when things weren't - it gets pretty LOUD.

Like 90 dBA+ loud. (I may or may not have actually measured that).. but if I did, that just goes to show how perceptively loud it was.




You might find yourself having a similar conversation some evening at Infusion. Even before you get into your second tasting flight.

So don't come here if you're hoping for an intimate exchange... or a full meal because it's first bites only folks.

But do come here if you're on the prowl for the following:

A. micro-brew sampling.
Really, this is also the best reason to visit Infusion. Try a few and find out what you like. Or just keep trying over and over.

beer tasting flight
B. snacks
Including mini pizzas, hummus, cheese and crackers and soft Bavarian pretzels. Just make sure you're not too hungry because there can be a bit of a wait for the pizzas.

good cheese to cracker ratio
C. creative concoctions
Like Bier Likor or ice cream beer floats (with hometown favorite Ted & Wally's ice cream).

bier likor!
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