February 22, 2014

Just to clear up any preliminary confusion, Track's = Trackside. The neighborhood bar originally est. 1965 is back and better than ever. Though since this was a total dive before, that's not really saying much.
You know you've had some good times at a bar when you have the following conversation while sitting in the newly remodeled Track's sipping beers and checking out the renovation.

You:   I wonder if they fixed the bathroom door in the ladies room? Remember how you needed to always have someone hold it closed for you? 

Friend:    What? 

I rest my case. 

Trackside was just... that place. The place you go to when it's late at night, you're nearly home, but tying one on suddenly sounds like a better idea. 

My ultimate Trackside story happened years ago now, and is probably too racy for a food blog. Suffice to say there was some solicitation involved - which I politely declined. (Complimentary though it was).

Another fond memory included singing karaoke with our wedding party after a stop at the 20's club until the bartender bribed us to leave by selling us a case of bud light. 

Those were the kinds of things that happened at Trackside. 

But what now, when the idea of staying out past 10pm has suddenly lost its appeal to me? 

Has the new Tracks matured with us? In short... YES. 

I can't compare the food from before, because usually by the time we rolled in here the kitchen had long closed. According to their Yelp description, though, they have the "world's best chicken" and roast beef sandwiches.
 We started with some buffalo chicken balls. Basically just orbs of blue cheese and chicken fried up nice and crispy. These were definitely a winner. I wonder how many I could eat..? Unfortunately we were only allotted four. Next time maybe order more... or come for happy hour when they're just $2.99 for an order!

Speaking of which, HH is 3-6pm with $3 wells and beer. Also, pickle cards for all domestic beers!
buffalo chicken balls
beer battered side winder fries
Not sure what the difference is between fried chicken and broasted chicken, but either way it's delicious. Too hot to eat when it first arrived, I dug in anyway... nearly burning my fingers trying to get at that moist perfectly cooked chicken, stopping only to shove more fries in my face. 
broasted chicken platter, 4 piece. boom!
Then a Jolly Rancher appeared under my fries. Was it supposed to be there or did someone accidentally drop it on my plate? Who cares, it's blue and we all know that's a good flavor. I ate it and appear to be no worse for the wear because of it.

This isn't the kind of food you feel especially good about after eating, but it's enjoyable if you know what you're getting into. And I'll definitely be getting into it again. Just writing this gets me in the mood for bar food, actually.

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