February 19, 2014

I've been to Kitchen Table twice now, and thinking about that now - it doesn't seem like enough. Maybe Sunday brunch this week? (You know you're serious about food when you're planning Sunday brunch on a Wednesday). 

Though who am I kidding, I already have dinner planned for March 4th also (Doughnut Day at Stella's for FAT Tuesday!). 

Anyway, KT is pretty great. And on our second visit I had the pleasure of eating one of my Top Ten Eats here back in November. Assuming the brunch is once again great on Sunday, this is a 5-star place all the way. Check out their 1-2-3 Sunday Brunch menu here. No need to get coffee ahead of time either, their coffee is strong and legit.

Great food, tantalizing Facebook food pictures, and routine menu postings. If you haven't been here yet, what are you waiting for?

granola and yogurt
'chips' and dip
the whole bird (and pickle disguised as an apple)
My original Yelp review:
This might be my favorite sandwich in Omaha... which is saying a lot because I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on the loving of sandwiches.
The offering I enjoyed today for lunch was entitled "The Whole Bird".
Honestly I didn't read the description but what business does a sandwich like this have being on the menu in a restaurant flaunting vegetarian and vegan offerings?
Not that I minded... But really this is the antithesis of both of those movements. Chicken with confit chicken cooked in chicken juices, served with crispy chicken skin and a chicken egg. 
But since I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan, I dug into this sandie with gusto.
The bread was fantastic as well. (Good bread makes all the difference in the world!) Whoever cultivated this levain starter is my new hero. And while April's review mentioned too much butter... I apparently think no such thing exists. 
The popcorn I could take or leave. It's not that I don't like popcorn, but it's never something I crave... If its around, I'll eat it. But i generally prefer popcorn when its hiding M&M's. 
I did however enjoy the pickle (which first I thought was an apple slice) once I realized my folly, I could've eaten about six more pickles... So I know what to ask for next time.

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