February 22, 2014

This past Saturday I learned a very important life lesson... beers can come in a variety of sizes if you just ask! Who would've thought?! Well, one April R. that's who.

After arriving at Library Pub for the first time and wondering about the adorable half-pint glasses one table over, April made it clear that you just have to ask for them.

Think of all the new draft beers I can try now! Every bar can be my personal sampling haven!

This theme held true everywhere we went also - even Jerry's Bar!

If you can't tell from all the exclamation pints....... I mean POINTS, I'm still pretty jazzed about the idea.

But I wouldn't call it a 'tour' so much as a designated driver... though we quickly got off schedule as soon as darkness descended (irony?) and ended the day with a pointless bus ride from the Dell to the Fox & Hound, back to the Dell, and then to the Crescent Moon, and back again to the Dell.

The last ride was pretty hilarious because the bus went from quiet and dark (falling asleep, literally) to a true party bus with people hanging from the ceiling, dancing on poles, loud music and flashing lights.

That was definitely our cue to head home - right around 8pm I think. Enough time to grab dinner and be in bed by 10pm.

We started at Benson Brewery to incorporate lunch into things - I wasn't a fan of the highly vinegar-based chicken wings and still relatively full from my Le Quartier breakfast sandwich. There were a couple of unfortunate fish sandwich incidents, but we shrugged it off and moved forward with something guaranteed to please... Tasters!
BB beer tasters! 
After that, we caught the bus to the Library Pub. Where we first noticed those adorable little half pint glasses! Also, I couldn't help but notice a ton of scotch. This is a pretty cool place. Though I wish the game table had been Pac Man instead of Gattaca...
scotch galore at The Library Pub
And then, on to Jerry's Bar. On the outskirts of Benson it's also known as 'That Place with the Big Neon J'. There was already a pretty decent crowd of regulars at the bar - with some fringe beer-tourer's. I'm assuming there because of the large age gap between the crowds. But check out the lights in this place! Classic.
check out the lights - and regulars - at Jerry's Bar
And next up, a stop at Krug Park. Somehow my beer got spilled... it just vibrated right off the table. So disappointing I didn't order another, though speaking of ordering some of our group DID order food from Lot 2 at this juncture. Nice option.

Then Jake's Bar for some Fruli and we discovered Bier Likor at Infusion Brewing Company! Luckily this is staying on the menu for the long term. We also confirmed - once again - that Infusion is just a loud place. Three times now we've been and it's been loud, it's been full, and it's been delicious. The eating continued too, with one of their spent grain pizzas. You can also order up cheese and crackers or Bavarian pretzels to satiate your hunger.
headed to Jake's after that
bier likor at Infusion
the sound levels at Infusion
Then it was time to get home via the Dell and let the dogs out, with plans to hook up on the connector express route to the Crescent Moon and do the downtown tour. I had plans for at least three more stops planned plus the Wilson & Washburn Reuben I've been craving. 

Unfortunately we missed our bus. So it seemed only appropriate - funny choice of words there - that we check out the Tunnel of Love at Love's Luxuries. It was pretty spinny. Hold on to the handles!
quick stop in the tunnel of love
Back in Dundee, we headed home and then back to get on the bus. But before that, there's always time for ice cream. eCreamery to the rescue! Note that if you check in on Yelp you can get a free topping or mix-in too. Bonus.
quick stop at eCreamery