February 08, 2014

Anybody else missing the Omaha Farmer's Market now that we're in the dregs of winter?

Just one of the best things about summer (and spring and fall really, since it goes from May to October) just isn't available all year long... or is it?

Sure you can't get all the same vegetables year-round, but many of the same local farms, shops and producers you know and love are still cranking out the hits year-round. And thanks to the Nebraska Food Coop, you don't have to settle for regular grocery store eggs and meat. If you're into root vegetables, those are generally available year-round as well.

There are other resources, of course, like Tomato Tomato, but I've been a member of Nebraska Food Coop for many years now and I love that the organization brings together the producers and consumers who care about the land and a commitment to local food.

If you're not familiar with how a coop works, producers list their food on the NebraskaFood.org website. Customers then can read about each producer’s growing practices in regard to chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, etc., and place an order through the site for pick-up at various sites. Products range from natural and organic meats, eggs, artisan cheeses, fruit, herbs, breads, coffees, grains, jams/jellies, personal care products, and all types of in-season vegetables — really, anything that is Nebraska raised or grown with foremost attention to its healthy and nutritious aspects.

Pretty great system and I'd highly recommend it to fill those winter blues.