February 21, 2014

Eat at Joe's.
As much as I love brunch sometimes we wake up early - even more so since we had a baby. On days like these, it's nice to have a list of standby breakfast spots. Some of these places have quick grab and go options, some require sitting down, but all are delicious.


7am, all week long. 
Probably my favorite breakfast in Omaha Bailey's has a variety of options from light / healthy to tex-mex, gourmet, traditional or just plain crazy (i.e. Porkasaurus). It's all good though. If you're into benedicts, this is your spot! The coffee flows freely here too.
7am Monday - Saturday, 8:00 am Sunday. 
Joe's does a more traditional diner style breakfast. Eggs feature prominently, as do pancakes. Great casual spot you can attend if your PJ's if you're so inclined.


6:30am Tuesday - Friday. 7am Saturday, Sunday. 
Triple berry ricotta pancakes, Italian breakfast sandwich (on Rotella's bread, of course) and miscellaneous coffee mugs. What more do you need? (Maybe some more ceiling tiles?) Amato's sometimes leaves a little too little to the imagination in terms of restaurant 'back of house'. But that's part of the charm... maybe? There's a reason this place was on DDD.

Gerda's Bakery

6am Monday - Saturday. 
Somewhat limited seating in the main area, but if you can score one you're in for a neighborhood's worth of fun. You'll probably run into someone you know too. Either way, make sure to get some donuts.
7am Monday - Friday, 8am Saturday & Sunday. 
Perhaps my favorite breakfast sandwich in town - though Culprit's Fritatta (see below) is also up there. Egg, cheese, cream cheese, meat (if you want) and their oh so magical bread. You can top that off with a cronut too and score some french macaroons for later all in one fell swoop! Be prepared to wait sometimes, though it's totally worth it.  
8am daily. 
If you're looking for some more amazing baked goods, you can't go wrong with Culprit. In addition to making a mean beignet, flavored or not, you can also score a wicked Frittata Sandwich or french toast to die for. To get your motor running, beignet flavors include brie + berry, lemon curd, creme anglaise + apple, chocolate hazelnut.
5am, all week. 
You need some bagels and don't want to settle for those two chains we have in town, this is your spot. Check out their Lox Bagel. And note the time, as this is so far the earliest option on our list. 
6am Monday - Saturday, 7am Sunday. 
Leo's food is really decent, if you're not afraid of a little grime in decor (or walls that look as if they may collapse). Greasy spoon is an accurate description.
6am Monday - Friday, 7am Saturday & Sunday. 
It'll be busy, but I probably won't be one of the diners... not really my thing the previous times I've been - but I'm including it here because people really seem to like it and afterwards, you can treat yourself to some Sweet Magnolia's (unless it's Sunday).

Keystone Kafe

6am Tuesday - Saturday. 7am on Sunday.
I generally abhore businesses that willingly choose to misspell their names. But I tolerate this place because it's just so gosh darn cute. It's traditional breakfast in a clean, welcoming atmosphere. Not dirty or divey like several other places on this list. 


24/7 breakfast burritos [and everything else]. 
Not sure if you can count this as 'earlier' than Bagel Bin since Aberardo's never technically closes... but there it is. Breakfast burritos at your beck and call any hour of the day, at all locations.
6am Monday - Saturday, 7:30am Sunday. 
I haven't been to the Diner... ever. But have heard some good things since it's under new management. It's downtown, it's classic. It's a diner.
6am, all week. 
Another place I've been meaning to get to. People always seem to be running across Leavenworth to get here though so it's probably decent?

Harold's Koffee House

6am, all week.
Another I haven't been to. Anybody hungry for breakfast all of sudden?

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