February 12, 2014

Some interesting spots at which to imbibe. Each of these places makes the list for a different reason, but one thing they all generally have in common is that they're not wine bars. Sorry oenophiles, I tend towards the beer and cocktail side of life.
Krug Park keeps it classy
  1. Krug Park - Bloody Mary's if you're into that. Beer if you're not. And plenty of it. 
  2. Beercade - Drinks combined with video games, skeeball and pinball. It's a wonder this isn't at the top of my list. Maybe I bumped it because I feel too antisocial when I go here (because I am).
  3. Wilson & Washburn - Relatively new but already proven awesome. Serious comfort is more than a tagline here. 
  4. Pageturner's Lounge - Former long-time used bookstore becomes craft cocktail bar. Hosts free tacos on Tuesdays and random live music consisting of piano and stand-up bass. Win.
  5. Berry and Rye - Haven't written an updated review of this place since it was Myth, but if you're looking for a crazy cocktail (and by crazy I mean both good and with things like ice spheres, fire and smoke), then this is your place.
  6. LIV Lounge - At first, I wasn't really a big fan of LIV, but then they made me a Manhattan Transfer (with Maraschino liqueur) I'll owe them for that forever probably.
  7. Crescent Moon Ale House - Beer Corner USA. Seriously. http://beercornerusa.com/
  8. Dundee Cork & Bottle - If you can get onto the patio, park it and enjoy the show.
  9. House of Loom - Loom could probably be confusing, depending on the night. But it's too awesome not to give it a try. 
  10. Mr. Toad - There's jazz and piano sometimes, but I just like the warm, classic feel. 
  11. Brazen Head Irish Pub - Speaking of classic feel, sometimes you just need an Irish pub. And if that pub was designed in Dublin, built in Wexford, Ireland and then shipped over to the United States to be reassembled under the supervision of Irish joiners... all the better.
  12. Mai Tai Lounge - I don't generally go to dive bars, but when I do, I want the drinks to be strong and the menu to have cartoons on it. If the bar is in a basement through a door that looks like an emergency exit, that's cool too. 
  13. Homy Inn - Champagne on tap is the claim to fame here (okay, this is a dive too) but it's just so nostalgic. Since 1956.
  14. Josephine's Cozy Corner Lounge - I like to think of this place as more of a hideout than a dive, but you can decide for yourself.
  15. Slowdown - The best place for live shows in town also happens to have a pretty decent bar. Pub quiz too.
  16. Barrett's Barley Corn - Looking to eat some delicious bar food? It exists here. 
  17. Blatt Beer & Table - Higher end delicious bar food.
  18. Dundee Dell - SCOTCH.
  19. And let's not forget the breweries! Local microbrews can be enjoyed at Lucky BucketInfusion Brewing CompanyBenson Brewery, and of course The Upstream (which I'd recommend on a Wednesday for pizza and pint night).

Enter through the side door

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