January 02, 2014

2013 was a big year of eating for me. And while that's not unusual, I can't help but wonder what's next?

Omaha has a way of keeping it fresh in terms of new restaurants and as soon as I feel like I'm making some headway on my 'to try' bookmarks list, I circle back to so many of the tried and true amazing places we've all come to know and love.

But my question now is this... what's next?

People sometimes joke to me that whenever they use Yelp to research a place in Omaha, I've already reviewed it. And there might be some truth to that.

Case in point, on Tuesday I ended up in South Omaha with a craving for the Naco Taco @ Taqueria El Paisa. But being that it was New Year's Eve-day... they were sadly closed. Looking next door, we noticed La Cabana d' Franko. With an average 3.5 stars on Yelp, I was curious about it and started reading. When I found this...
This probably won't come as a surprise to those that know me, but not only had I eaten there before, I'd even reviewed it. And then forgotten.

Looks like 4 years and 6 months later I can finally get around to writing a more detailed review

But that's just how Omaha is. We're lucky in the bounty of wonderful food options that sometimes places that don't knock your socks off or stand out with unique items will get forgotten.

With all that in mind, I have two questions:
  1. Anything I haven't already tried that I need to ASAP? 
  2. What have I already tried and need to give another shot? 
I know there are things I haven't had that are some Omaha staples. I want to know which of your ABSOLUTE FAVORITES have I overlooked? 

I'll try anything once (okay, nearly anything). For example, Chicken Feet are worth a try. Balut Eggs are not.

And if someone feels REALLY passionate about something, I'll give it a second try. Everyone can have an off night every once in a while.   

Check out my reviews and let me know what I'm missing out on!