January 29, 2014

Thanks to an expiring Groupon we were inspired to return to Marrakech nearly 12 months after our initial visit.

And an update to my prior review is definitely in order.

Not that I wasn't impressed last time but this visit was obviously worth 5-stars.

Sweet, sweet Chai... I could drink you forever.

We started with the chai tea again... And this time there were a series if refills offered free of charge (I think). But after 3 mugs, I think our server realized we were bottomless chai pits and we weren't offered a 4th. Sweet cardamom, allspice, & star anise... I think I'm inspired to make some at home too.

Would've gone great with the crepe dessert too, if we'd had any left at that point.

Alongside that liquid goodness, each of the menu items were pretty nearly flawless. This time I had the chicken curry, at the recommendation of our uber-friendly server. Bill went for the lamb tagine.
Chicken curry
Both followed this basic formula:

(tender meat + vegetables + rice)^sauce = clean plate club.

Working backwards to the beginning of the meal, the beef samosas were fantastic as well. Perfectly seasoned savory spiced beef surrounded with crispy goodness.
And get this... Delivery available within a 4-mile radius! Oh happy days!
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