January 14, 2014

... or, as they're known on Facebook, "El Basha. Best Mediterranean Cuisine in Omaha."

And that's very possible. If you're inclined to lean towards Mediterranean / Lebanese food, do yourself a visit and try this place out if you haven't already. I'm by no means an expert in this cuisine - or any, technically - but I like to think I know when something is unique, fresh, and delicious. 

El Basha hits all of those notes.

Gyro Combo
Nearly five years ago, I wrote my initial view of El Basha based on a quick lunchtime visit. It was a little contrived, now that I go back and re-read it. Something about another restaurant (long since forgotten as I swirled deeper into the Omaha restaurant abyss) and a minor gripe about the cost. Hmm. How things can change with time. Is El Basha different, or am I?

Anyway, at the suggestion of a friend I made a special trip back here for the beef Schwarma salad on Saturday afternoon... Gooooooood call.

Beef Schwarma Salad
The experience left me wondering why we don't come here more often. And tonight's quick repeat visit - attributable to a packed-to-the-seams Salween Thai - cemented my lament. Think of all the wasted years I've lived so nearby and all the Lebanese delights I've missed out on!

Well no more.

As I listen to the dramatic song 'habbeytak bessayf' courtesy of the El Basha website (thanks Shazam for the reference!), I hereby vow that this place will no longer fly below my radar!

Freakishly fresh and tasty vegetables, savory meat piles and the most beautiful hummus I've probably ever seen are par for the course at El Basha. So far the gyro, chicken schwarma wrap and above-mentioned salad are all way above par.

I'm going to enjoy eating my way through this menu.

Beautiful Hummus. You can't make this stuff up!

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