January 28, 2014

Welcome to Majestic

Time to write an update for 20-Grand... aka Majestic Cinema! The same place you can get a boat full of pretzel bites with a cup of nacho cheese and a double whiskey on the rocks. 

Who would want those things together? 

Me, apparently.

Who would want to recline in luxury while watching a new release? 

Also me. 

And everyone else in Omaha! As such, I would STRONGLY suggest pre-purchasing your tickets. 

The other benefit if this is that you can reserve your seat and not have to waste 30 minutes before the movie in addition to the 20 minutes of commercials, reminders and previews you already have to endure as part of the movie-going experience. 

Time-saving luxury is on the agenda here. So kick back (literally) and enjoy.

How much more thin can pizza be? 

Mmm, fake cheese and bread material. (I'm being serious).

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