January 02, 2014

Finally, 4 years and 6 months later I'm finally be getting around to writing the 'more detailed review' I foresaw back in 2009.
Interior - not too busy
Thanks to previous reviews, I had to try a huarache. Overall, a little too dry for my liking (somehow), but once it was adequately salsa'ed up we were good to go.
Chicken huarache
A large glass of horchata washed things down nicely.

From there, I moved on to tacos - or actually, - taco. While other restaurants in the area might offer a larger variety, Cabana keeps it simple with three types. One of which is simply listed as 'Especial'.

I really owe Chris for asking what was on it, because otherwise I might forget that I'd been to Cabana all over again. Except for the service. That was special too.

But back to the taco... sauteed onions, chunks of bacon and melted white cheese all contained in a griddled flour tortilla and served with avocado salsa. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'll be back for you, Especial.

Especial Taco!

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