January 02, 2014

Kimson has probably been around for 10 years or so, but is unfortunately closing doors at this location on Tuesday, 31 December. They are apparently planning to reopen at another central Omaha location, yet to be determined.

Interior. Hello Ms. Monroe.
I think though that this is probably good timing because even an hour after leaving I was still wheezing and struggling to breathe as if I've been sitting around strong campfire for the evening (i.e. ventilation issues...) 

I felt like the canary in the coal mine though because my stronger-lunged dining companions didn't seem to notice anything was amiss. 

On the food side of things, I actually went all in and ordered the catfish clay pot people have talked so much about. 

No basis for complaining about temperature because it came out hot! With a little side of white rice, the rich sauce hit the spot on a cold winter's day.  

Catfish clay pot
We also had the spring rolls (fried and fresh both). It was all generally good.

Fried spring rolls

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