January 01, 2014

Aah coffee... so many varieties, so little time. Turns out, there is such a thing as too much though. And while you might think that too much coffee would translate to jitters and twitching. For me, it was just a very sick feeling - coupled with a pretty serious focusing and un-focusing of my eyes. Driving was a challenge.

Then I went home and passed out for for several hours. 

I didn't drink coffee again for a week. 

And while I won't be attending 9+ shops in one day ever again, here are some pretty unique spots to check out around Omaha.
My favorite coffee shop in Omaha, probably. I'm not really in the habit of hanging out at shops, but the free WIFI, fireplace, and doughnut stop next door are all strong reasons to consider parking it here for a while if you're into that kind of thing.

Fox Hollow Exterior
Very nearly a secret, Accelerando is located in the Omaha Conservatory of Music, the white domed building at 108th & Grover. Head around to the back (west side) and look for the door to coffee euphoria. Try the corn-flake latte or an iced coffee made with COFFEE ICE CUBES. Genius.
Entrance to Accelerando, photo by Lauren R.
The only place in Omaha that I'm aware of that serves Chicago's Intelligentsia coffee. They also stock up on Sweet Magnolia's pastries. Spinach and feta scone... mmm... Really, it's mostly a bicycle shop with a bit of seating.

Omaha Bicycle Shop tasters and Sweet Mag's Scone
Bring your dog into this remodeled bar / gallery space. Or not, there have been some recent controversies about that. Stand by with fido outside while Omaha gets with the times.

photo by Christopher C.
Small shop with a nice array of unique espresso drinks. Hit up the drive-through or park it inside and stare at the fish tank. There's even a tiny patio to the North.

Dundee Double Shot, by Alace
Serving up Grey Plume coffee roasts and super delicious food. Try it for lunch if you're nearby. The chicken curry tacos are becoming somewhat of a legend. Not much space to hang, this is mostly a grab and go establishment.

Green-go Interior
A little coffee, a little comics. Winning combination. If you're the kind of person who has a pull folder here, you can apparently pick up your comics in the drive-through also. Sadly, the Tony Stark latte does not contain alcohol. Catch up on your reading of TPB's while you drink your coffee, they have a specific shelf on this side designated for free reading!

Coffee side of Legend by Alace
If you're into spending lots of time at a coffee shop, Caffeine Dreams is the place to be. The shop is set up in favor of quiet study time, secret conversations and relaxing. Also, they have some pretty tasty savory items. Check out the patio too when the weather is nice.
A symbiotic relationship of sorts in West Omaha. Try the drinking chocolate if you have a sweet tooth.

Stories Interior by Trish A.
So many pluses here, I only wish the location were more convenient. French press to order. Fair Trade and organic, Sweet Magnolias, Bagel Bin, Waffles... amazingly creative latte art. But once you've found parking and are inside, it's the very definition of coffee shop perfection.

Echo Coffee
Aiding and abetting downtown since 2013. Block 16 uses their breads to make their sandwiches, if that tells you anything.
Culprit Exterior by Coyote
Industrial chic in the up-and-coming Blackstone District in midtown.
Archetype Exterior by Chunk G.

Aroma's Benson

Concert-stage vibe and strong coffee. They also have a downtown location, if that's more your thing.

Aroma's by Lianna N.

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