December 23, 2013

Full disclaimer, I'm already in love with Tasty Pastry. Like, twice in one week love. But why not? It's even getting better... When they're constantly announcing new pizzas like 'white mushroom pizza with b├ęchamel sauce, swiss cheese, garlic confit, mushrooms and fresh jalapeno'. How can I hold back the 5-stary review? A quick jump from 4 to a very solid 5.
White Mushroom Pizza - yes, it's real.
It's ridiculously affordable, it's crazy good, it's quick, it's convenient and damn, it's Tasty.

My love for this little place has grown exponentially over the course of the last month.

From ever-expanding and exciting pizza flavor combinations (white mushroom pizza w bechamel sauce, swiss cheese, garlic confit, and fresh jalapeno!) to ever-changing soups served cafeteria style and some kind of magical slaw recipe to go with the chicken sandwich... not to mention the restaurant namesake pastries.

These things have catapulted this place into my top 5 Omaha restaurants. Keep up the great work!

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