December 30, 2013

Time for a much needed review update of Benson Brewery!

Last night's dinner varied greatly from our first experience during restaurant week - in a good way - the whole meal was was absolutely stellar. Kudos to the new chef!

Jarred Olives & other tasty tidbits
We started off with beer flights again (how could you not?) And while I wish I could tell you which varieties I thoroughly enjoyed this time, it was almost more fun to leave the picking in the hands of our very capable server.

Three appetizers started off the feasting...

Peppadew Poppers with chevre | prosciutto | chilies, Craft Sausage Platter with house-made mustard and pickled carrots, and the star of the show... White Rabbit IPA Jarred Olives with spent grain bread | select local cheese (more pickled carrots and onions!)

While the poppers were prepared slight differently than last time, they were no less intriguing. But the olives really shone. Something about beer and olives maybe? Or was it the crusty bread? The charred jalapeno with goat cheese?

Who cares?! It was so, so good.

The entree I decided on - with a bit of guidance - was Steak Frites, with its sweet sweet Dunkel jus and pan roasted Nebraska hanger steak, cooked a perfectly medium rare. Oh yeah, there were also some amazingly crispy yet fluffy house frites and an over-easy egg too.


Ultimately a pretty fantastic meal that I'm hoping to repeat soon.

Steak Frites. Look at that delicious mess!

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