December 26, 2013

When I left Toast I was very unsatisfied...

So much so that I even considered going somewhere else afterwards. Like a drive-through.

Not very usual circumstances for me at any restaurant, because I generally over-order... this time thought I was a conservative, with a cup of soup and half sandwich (wrap).

[Side note: I wish somebody could explain to me why a bowl of soup substitution costs two dollars while fries are free. Is it the cost of ingredients or the effort involved, or both?]

Soup and a wrap and a pickle
Anyway, philosophical musings aside, what I ended up ordering was the Burlington (after several minutes of hurried musing. Everything looked great! I couldn't decide!) with a cup of the tomato basil soup on the side and a pickle.

Food showed up quickly. So quickly I barely had time to sip on my mason jar of water.

But then I felt like Clara Peller (of 'where's the beef' fame)... because... where's the chicken? Seriously.

That's a wrap. Tomato wrap
I would've pointed this out to someone, but wasn't specifically asked the ubiquitous 'how is everything' question because it was lunchtime, and everyone was busy. (Also the reason I didn't specifically seek someone out). I was hungry, after all, and also busy, so I bolted down the soup and vegetable wrap then headed back to Omaha.

To review the food I actually ate, I'd say the tomato and lettuce were pretty good.

The previous reviews, the atmosphere, the menu, the service, all still make me think I had some kind of terrible fluke experience. So I'm going to keep Toast on my bookmarks list to try again next time I'm in Lincoln.

Besides the wrap situation there seems to be so much potential here, but for now I can't with good confidence give a higher rating. Until we meet again Toast...

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