December 26, 2013

So much promise, but the delivery was off. 

I was very excited to try Over Easy, there's no other word to describe my feeling now but disappointment. Going down the list it definitely pushes all of my buttons, in theory. 

Locally-sourced ingredients - check! 
Creative take on breakfast classics - yes! 
The interior had me at chalkboard
Reclaimed barn wood walls with local art and warm friendly staff - oh yeah. 

But sadly, the dried out rosemary on the table is what set the tone for some of the meal. 

Let's get the rough bit out of the way first...
Starting off with breakfast blasphemy, the cinnamon roll was hard as a rock &  impossible to cut with a fork. Between 3 of us, we didn't bother finishing it. 

Sad Cinnamon Roll... why can't you be as good as you look?

Bill and I went halfsies on biscuits and gravy and the egg boat, which took the back seat, I felt, as it was again - dried out. And the spicy dipping sauce was sadly just blah.

Coffee was very decent though, and I enjoyed several cups of the Christmas blend (jingle... jolly... something like that). I've had three Christmas blends in as many days and they're starting to run together. 

Coffees and Rosemary
My entree (vegetarian biscuits and gravy) was very unique. No need for the offered side of bacon though - because I'm good with egg protein and this was served with two, over easy eggs atop a mound of vegetable gravy and herb biscuits. If the biscuits were dry also, I don't know (thanks gravy!). This was an enjoyable spin on a breakfast classic. Who would've thought gravy with shredded vegetables would be a win, but it was!
Vegetarian Biscuits & Gravy & Eggs
The absolute best thing we ate however were the potato-hash rounds. Bacony, cheesy, blessings with caramelized onions rolled up and fried. Glorious! 

I could've eaten a whole plate of those (and wish I had) because the distance factor makes it challenging for me to make a return trip. Our road-trip out here didn't really leave me smiling all day, as a good brunch will do. 

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