December 23, 2013

Recently, I ate lunch at a restaurant connected to a gas station.

No, it was not anything with the words 'country' or 'diner' in it. This was Omelet & Viet Cuisine! (Those words alone should spark your interest...)

But apparently gas station restaurants are the next big thing in cuisine ( but believe me, I'm as shocked as anyone that I'm writing a 5-star review for a place with those 'car wash' flags out front (though these say 'Pho Here' or something like that).

Go figure that Omaha is on the cutting edge of new food frontiers!

I'm so intrigued by the breakfast situation that there's no way around it, I'll have to make the drive to have an omelet also. Since they open at 8am most days (closed Mondays) this is the perfect excuse to get my vermicelli on early and start the day right!

What we did have on this trip, spring rolls, vermicelli and bahn mi were great and fresh (the fresh jalapenos were a surprising kick in the face also). Strange that there were no prices on the menu, but it wasn't out of order with what I'd expect. Something in the range of $20 for 2 people (lunch). The vibe and the music were pretty much spot on with this promotional video I found for the restaurant. Trippy.

Absolutely a unique concept (good food from a gas station?!) and one of the only Vietnamese restaurants I'm aware of in this area of town, as far as I'm aware, so if you're looking for some fresh and tasty food in West-O I'd recommend a trip to this gas station any day!

If you're still unconvinced, check out their website for some teaser photos. Not much better than a giant bowl of pho on a cold winter's day...

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